<For Non JUPAS & Postgraduate (Master / TPg / RPg / PGDE / PhD...) >


對於 Undergraduate 收生而言,即使系統有欄位畀您填多過一個推薦人,但一封推薦信其實已經足夠。
至於對 Postgraduate 學生而言,請按照官方網站上嘅指示提交。如果佢話一封嘅,交多都唔會幫到手,但部分科目指明要求兩封。

🎓 咩學校需要?推薦信應該係由我上傳,定一話推薦人畀報名學校?

HKU / CUHK / HKUST 喺申請時會叫填寫推薦人嘅電郵;
HKU 於提交報名表格後,不能更改推薦人資料,但過後仍可以用 upload document 嘅形式上傳。
CUHK 需要於付款後再交人名;系統容許你後補。 Supporting documents 部分可以畀你上傳 reference letter,但為確保信嘅內容無被修改,我哋建議你唔需要上傳檔案,並由推薦人上傳。

其他學校嘅可以 Upload 喺 other documents 度。除咗以上三間學校之外,過往觀察顯示其他學校唔太睇 Reference letter。

💭 係咪一定要寫?唔寫會唔會無 Offer?可否後補?最遲要幾時交?

往年有同學無寫都照收到 Offer,自己衡量風險
若報讀嘅學校無要求你交,你仍然可以於 Other Documents 嘅位置度上傳,令學校更清楚地了解你,但以上非必須嘅。

💭 要點問?

  • 附上FYP, transcript, CV, 自我介紹等(Personal statement point form版/推薦信寫作大綱list out每段段落大意)
  • 寫封靚仔email求佢寫,講下點解要呢封信,點解揾佢,老師好靚仔/靚女,段落形式自介,緊記註明 deadline
  • (適用於 HKU SPACE 學生)請喺 MyFuture 系統入面申請 reference letter,但建議申請前先私下聯絡 Lecturer 同佢講聲先。 MyFuture 表格上面嘅 Deadline 我哋建議填寫今日起四個禮拜。
  • 可以重複比幾位老師
  • 收到推薦信記得回email多謝人

📨範本 1(請配合CV使用)

Dear _____,

I am currently applying for the ______ program in ______, and I am hoping you could provide a reference for me.

If you don't mind, I will invite you through email to their systems later this week.

Attached is my current resume.

Please let me know if you need any additional information to act as a reference on my behalf.

Thank you so much for considering my request.

📨範本 2(請配合CV使用)

Dear Professor Xxx,
I am writing to sincerely request you to be my referee for the application for xxx, a xxx programme offered by Xxx.
My name is xxx. I majored in Xxx and I graduated from Xxx in 20xx. My final year project was about xxx. It was great that you were my advisor/professor of xxxxx course. Your practical comments helped me improve my dissertation/paper a lot. Honestly, I have a genuine interest in xxxxx field. I remain active in xxx field.
The Graduate School requires applicants to provide the information of their referees. The application system will invite the applicants’ referees to submit the references online. I would be grateful if you would kindly agree to be my referee. I look forward to receiving a positive reply from you.
Best wishes,

📨 老師叫我自己寫 Reference Letter,然後俾佢簽...

喺大專,老師同個別學生互動嘅機會互動比較少。有時佢地會想幫你寫 Reference letter , 但對你嘅認識又唔夠深,所以偶然會有導師叫學生自己先寫好初稿再由老師簽署,或者你講出自己嘅優點再由佢寫。


1. https://hk.indeed.com/career-advice/career-development/letter-of-recommendation-template

2. https://www.thebalancemoney.com/how-to-write-a-reference-letter-2064324

請客觀地講出自己嘅優點(內容必須係真嘅),並以第三人稱描寫。內容無標準格式。一般而言, 300 - 500字嘅英文係合適嘅,而你可以按自己需要自由加減。


👨‍🏫 俾邊個寫?可唔可以俾某某某寫?係咪應該俾一個 Title 響啲嘅 Prof 寫?

教過你嘅老師或者 Program Leader(中學都可以)、工作上司,或者喺教育機構入面你認為合適嘅人。

👨‍🏫 俾A老師寫定B老師寫好啲?

(e.g. A老師同我熟啲,但B老師職位高啲/我喺B老師嘅課堂高分啲/B老師教嘅科目同我報讀嘅科目關聯較大...)

👨‍🏫 佢無教過我 / 佢已離職 / 我已從該學校畢業 / 我同佢唔係好熟,可唔可以搵佢寫?


👨‍🏫 我驚佢知我想走,之後唔鍾意我喎,仲問唔問好...?


😨 我問過某老師,佢話未出成績唔肯幫我寫,點算?

問過第二個囉。如果問過晒都真係無嘅,您仍然符合資格申請 Non JUPAS 而有機會獲派位。

😨 我問過某老師,佢話咗可以,但一路無幫我寫,點算?平時問咗之後幾耐會交?

請先檢查系統睇下佢交咗未(適用於 HKU / CUHK / HKUST),如果未嘅請禮貌地提醒推薦人。  一般嚟講,建議預留四個禮拜時間畀佢寫。

💭 想問下推薦人嘅 relationship 應該填咩?

Counsellor, supervisor, lecturer, teacher, school principal



Sample reference Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to demonstrate my endorsement of 你個名, who is currently studying Applied Social Science at Hong Kong Community College.
I have had the privilege of being 你個名's lecturer for the past two years and during that time I have been impressed not only by his academic achievements, but also by his commitment to volunteering and teaching others. 

你個名 is an outstanding student with great passion for learning and enthusiasm for sociological studies. In class, he persists in asking questions and seeks for knowledge beyond the scope of lectures. This clearly shows his dedication, curiosity and strength in exploring new topics all related to social research. 

Outside of class, 你個名 has also volunteered for Red Cross in secondary school, exhibiting a strong philanthropic spirit which demonstrates his commitment to helping those in need regardless of his own personal obligations. His current job as part-time tutor clearly demonstrates his gift in working with students with special education needs successfully so that everyone can benefit from learning alongside him. 

Having seen such qualities in 你個名, I strongly believe he is fully equipped to handle more complex work relating to sociology and would make a valuable addition to any university graduate programme they choose to pursue. 



To Whom It May Concern,

As a lecturer of the Accounting program at Hong Kong Community College, I have had the pleasure of teaching and mentoring 你個名 for the past year. 

During this time, I have seen 你個名 show an outstanding commitment to their studies. Her enthusiasm for her work is highly impressive. She consistently achieves top results in every class she takes, and she is always looking for more challenging assignments to take on. She has sought out opportunities to do extra coursework as well as volunteering for extracurricular activities like our yearly tax clinic. Additionally, she serves as a student mentor in her spare time, helping other students with their coursework.

Apart from academics, 你個名’s overall professional attitude is also commendable. She exhibited strong leadership qualities when leading activities in our extracurricular programs and working as a student mentor in our college community. Furthermore, 你個名's goal of following in the footsteps of role model 你偶像個名 further exemplifies her ambition and drive towards achieving success. 

It is without hesitation that I enthusiastically recommend Name, and I am confident that she will excel in all future endeavors due to her excellent work ethics and demonstrated leadership capabilities combined with her already impressive academic achievements. 

Yours sincerely, 



Dear Admission Officer,

I am writing to provide a reference for 你個名, who is attending my class at Hong Kong Community College and hoping to transfer to your esteemed university.

In my experience teaching 你個名, I have found him to be an outstanding student, consistently exhibiting tremendous dedication and enthusiasm in the pursuit of his Associate Degree in Translation and Interpretation in our college. He has earned good grades in his studies and proven himself as a naturally motivated learner with a commitment to excel. He brings not only a strong academic background but also well-developed interpersonal skills which contribute greatly to collaborative projects. 

The student often displays great initiative both inside and outside the classroom by taking part-time work such as work at cafe, as well as actively engaging in group activities that we had held periodically during our course. His actively positive attitude helps keep the classroom environment enriching and motivating for us all. 

Hence, I believe that the student should be considered an excellent candidate for admission into your esteemed university’s Translation Program. Should you require further information regarding the student, please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience via email or telephone number provided below. 


           老師名  İ        İ   老師職位名



📝 註

1. 可自由加減內容,想改咩就改咩,唔好問「可唔可以加xxx」

2. 如果無適合就唔好 Attach,唔好問我「無呢樣/嗰樣得唔得」

3. 我唔識你個 Lecturer , 我唔知佢心入面會諗咩,大路方向教咗你,但實際上要點做你自己諗

4. Year 1 嘅同學剛剛入學都可以照問 Lecturer 拎,佢哋未必會應承但唔問咗唔會有負面影響

5. 私下(親身/Email)問咗 Lecturer 同意先好填佢資料落 System 度,直接填好無禮貌

6. 如果啱用嘅,入嚟 @nonjupas 講聲多謝

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